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Achieving goals can be a powerful motivator in everyone's life one of us. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to improve our sports skills and  nowledge through our professional seminars and training camps. 


Fighting Lions Rotterdam.

‘Fighting Lions’ Company is based in Rotterdam 2018.
Our mission is to provide everyone possibilities becoming a professional athlete.
Therefore, we give you the opportunity to improve your sports skills and knowledge through our professional events and training camps.
Working together, we are able to help you achieving incredible results and reaching
your goals.

Sport seminars

The camps are meant to be with a personal. If desired, a special program will be set up during the training camp with each of the athletes.

Sport events

We have various sporting events and seminars. To amateurs and professionally trained athletes, coaches and groups, each of them will take place on a regular basis.

Building Champions

Becoming a good athlete or improve at your favorite sport, you have to be able to put up with failure and accept it as part of the process of succeeding.

Mental Health

Being a great athlete needs not only great physical qualities, but also a mental care mastery. Most of the greatest athletes in sport history were good because they mastered their respective game's psychological aspect.

Why Choose Us?

Suitable for sports and professional sports enthusiasts. To be a good athlete requires not only good physical fitness preparation. Both good motivation and good are needed discipline.


Sport Seminars 95%
Sport events 90%
Sport events 85%
Training camps 95%

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